Trying To Move On

The lights all fade and the stars set in.

Just another sad day come to an end. 

I lay here lifeless on the floor.

Cold and crying, my head propped against the door. 

Sometimes I think this is too much to handle. 

My thoughts flicker through my mind like the flames of a candle. 

I wake up to this mess I've made, just another lonely day. 

All I want is change, to start over again and maybe then I won't feel this pain. 

There's so many things I would change if it meant that you would be mine one day. 

I just wish that I wouldn't have to pay for all the mistakes I have made;

but you're the one I'll never be able to leave behind. 

Your face lit up the room like a happy Christmas tune;

and I'll never forget how it felt to have you next to me everytime I fell asleep. 

You wrote me a letter I'll never forget, leaves me wishing that you never left. 

You came for your things and you whispered to me that you're only one person,

yet you still mean so much to me.

You promised me it would get better, but I'm still waiting reading this letter. 

I know you're right and maybe it's me, 

but I thought there was something more that we could be. 

Now I lay here on the floor, 

gazing up missing you more. 

I promise myself that one day I won't let you make me feel this way.

As time passes I slowly heal.

It'll take time for me to feel like I did when I was with you; 

but I understand...sometimes we need to do things we wish we didn't have to...

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This is the step that will

This is the step that will change all other steps in the future. The wailing cry of excruciating, explosive ejection of the soul into the surface of the psyche that brings with it, all of the power to manifest one's creative spark. Most people are unaware of this when it happens, and they miss the gifts it offers.  It is rebirth, and the pain is necessary in order for it to touch the heart and and manifest from the hands. There is no other way. Beautifully written, sweet. Very clear and self explanatory.


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Love it read for read and

Love it read for read and comment for comment honest options only. :)