a story backwards

the end of a life is the birth of a time

the end of our heartache starts with a heartbreak

the end of a lifetime is the beggining of existence

the end of the line is the start of a trail

continue to discover

continue to hate

continue to love

continue to despise

continue to uncover

humanity's lies

the middle of the road where bodies lie

the middle of the movie where the woman starts to cry

the middle of the night where the killer stalks

the middle of a moment, the time no one talks

the middle of a life when nobody cares

the middle of a heartbeat, when everyone stares

begin to discover

begin to hate

begin to love

begin to despise

begin to uncover

humanity's lies

the dawn of my life was the end of my wits

the dawn of time was the doom for mankind

the dawn of the dead is the dusk for the living

the dawn of existence is the end of innocence

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This is really good dannyboy, i think one of your best in a while. keep up the good work. calls me. Love ya.

Imaginary Friend

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This poem is truly exellent well done

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wow! that is SO awesome!!