rap leaves it's mark

can't stop perpetual romance

each step a magical slow dance

this feeling every human longs for

no longer just this cold sore

next stop a simple breakdown

you're popped, this is a shakedown

close shop, praise the many buyers

shut the hell up, read through the flyers

door stop, get in the door,

don't chop, your feelings too short

you think you failed what you feel for

try real hard cuz you'll feel it no more

no more help

drown the welp

can't you

save your life

stop and realize

that you

don't go on moving through your downtown

graceful love from your mothers nightgown

can't let it shine  down

swallow the lie

try to bring it back up

we all die

this feeling you thought you've been shown

nothing more than  a snow cone

search for the questions when you've got the cancers

sweet love look for right answers

no more feeling like a mothball

keep on moving, it's a pitfall

keep down, look aroudn

each sign has a meaning for you

how many will get through

get picked up you're not climbing

got picked up, no more hiding

write down, find your resolution

look in your heart, find the revolution

no more hiding the romance

life ends, so does the slow dance

look for, on coming late ends

coming down, bring it up the rear end.

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