join my hand now in yours

we are behind closed doors

i'll tell you how things are

not how things were


What was right now is wrong

what was short now is long

day turned into night

courage turned to fright


what was in  now is out

atheists now devout

down is up and up is down

walk on water, you will drown


Nothing's new and Nothing's old

we're all hot and we're all cold

Taste is turned to waste

all the preachers losing faith


It's not what you thought

this life for which you've fouhgt

ripping away the fluff,

i tell you it's not enough

don't you understand?

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Imaginary Friend's picture

I like this Danny-boy. I can completely sympathize with you on this poem. If I werent a Chick I'd say that we we're identical brothers...lol. Keep on writing man. Its good stuff.

Imaginary Friend

Heather Campbell's picture

wow, another wow, daniel you are such a great poet... Just don't let thinking of the world bring you down.

Heather Lynn Campbell