witch hunt

cast a spell and burn in hell,

for salem's witches

burned by christian bitches

witchcraft and bitchcraft

hand in hand

arm in arm

down to heavenly hell

the guilt wasn't there

but they didn't care

for they were burned

and hung in trials

that were not fair

be yourself and burn in hell

personal thoughts are a witches pot

something new is the witches brew

individuality... you soul will sell

they see what isn't there

they don't care

thier mind is the right kind

to say, to tell

we're all going to hell

hang the witches

hang the blame

protect the wicked

destroy the lame

Hung in the halls of fame

hung by ropes of shame

sell your soul

for a pot of gold

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breanna_shaylee's picture

i really like this poem and it passes along a very true message. You hit it so right on the head.

Breanna Shaylee

Heather Campbell's picture

Awsome, daniel friggan awsome.

-Heather Lynn Campbell