the god of jews

the god of gentiles

same god worshipped

by the pedophiles

gods of rock

and gods of rap

represent the world

glorified in crap

god of life

and god of death

god of salvation

my god of wasted breath

god of love

god of sorrow

god please heal the pains

of yesterday and tommorow

god grant us this

bless us with that

my god is our

own escape hatch

god of the soul

god of the mind

god  hath let this race

fall so far behind

god of mercy

god of grief

god tells us where

we put our beliefs

god of lables

god of division

god send us

thy holy dissention

god of war

god of fighting

god send away those things

i've found to be frightening

god's will

god's plan,

god protects only those

active in his clan

god's want

god's will

god clouds our mind

with righteous pious swill

god the ruler of earth

god the ruler of men

god, let the holy

bullshit beigin

god of oppression

god of deppression

god hear my thoughts

suffered from repression



hebrews and islamics

waste our time

pious snake oil tonics

god sees everything

god sees all

his holy grace will

let men fall

i have no god

you have no right

to tell me which way

points to the upper light

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breanna_shaylee's picture

i love the way that you wrote this. i agree totally with what you are saying. A former friend of mine had a saying, "I am saved but ovbiously not from the likes of you" that she would use when comfronted by some one trying to shove religion down her throat.

Breanna Shaylee

Imaginary Friend's picture

I couldnt have put it better myself danny boy. This is really good. I love it. Your last four lines kick@$$!!

Imaginary Friend