life goes on

and the world keeps turning

but for my lost freind

my heart's still yearning

if i only i could bring you back

if only i could feel you again

i will never know what it could have been

this pain that i can't see

this emptiness devours me

the warmth within me

turned to cold

feelings of yesterday

now seem so old

yanked from my life

a cruel twist of fate

that game we all play

but we all still hate

life goes on

and the world still turns

now an icy cave remains

where a bright fire once burned...

the hurt teaches,

the cold, it breaches

my empty chest...

teaching life's lessons

the way you learn best

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Imaginary Friend's picture

hmmm... I like this. I think this is one of your best poems yet. Keep up the good work danny boy.

Imaginary Friend