there is no fate but for our own mistakes

just moving around until the end of our days

the door may move, or it may jam

it depends on how you move your hands

doors open to doors that open to doors

looking not up, but glancing down

searching, moving along the floors.

move on and move up, don't look back

life's a slide, go up to the top

and down you glide

you can't control yourself inside

only pick which one to ride.

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Heather Campbell's picture

You used our convo.:) Daniel it's a perfect way to put all the words we said into a form people can read and understand. I love you man,

Friends alwayz,

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Danny-boy, you are right about that. When you start to do something it leads into something else and it just keeps going... theres really no stop to the "door opening thing" I like this. Its good. Keep it up.

Imaginary Friend