floating in freedom

as perpetual bliss


by love's kiss

my mind  is aflood

with thoughts of thee

unknowing, of the coming tragedy

rearrange the pieces

of my sacred art

formed by fragments,

of my broken heart

it's over now

that's plain to know

my love for you

won't cease to grow

to help is what i want

but pain you've given me

take one step forward

and three steps back

god knows i am alone

in the black

what am i supposed

to do

with a girl

such as you

i know now

i was blind

you played foolish games

with my weak mind

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Hey Daniel-Baby!

I think i know who your talking about in this song and im glad you finally came out with it. I knew you were hiding emotions inside of you that were driving you crazy but i'm glad something finally motivated you to write them down! keep up the good work and i want a demo of your band!!!!

Sheila baby....