a drink

how does it seem

when a man tries to dream

this world so cold and mean

i can't know how it is


but i'll tell you about

where i come from

i try to rest with

this stink on my breath

my favorite thing

burning my throat

and floating my mind

liquid drops of life burning inside

i can't explain

but the pain goes away

feeling that juice from my dreams

what does it mean when

i'm awake and i try to dream

this is a need

forget what you know

i know what this is

liquid life

burning out my brain cells

and my mouth

numb my mind

death inside of me

i won't ever be free

it's icy grasp ahold of me

the world shudders to behold

the shriveled sight of me

what's this poison flowing through my veins

liquid life turning me insane

gotta look away

try to make it through

another wasted day

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god you're amazing