over the wall

King and Country

enough to take a life

my rifle's loud

and my country's proud

Killing huns

and cleaning guns

my life is simple

live today, die tonight

there's nothing more

The bugle rings

and my comrades stir

the click of enfields

our lungs burn

My eardrums give as the cannon pounds

I touch my cross, we hold our ground

fix bayonets!


over the wall

(for king and country)


we take the fight to 'em

barbed wire, cannons


we jump in the trench

we all smell the stench

my rifle kicks, the world explodes

i pray to god i'm quick to load

another bullet locked, i take my aim

my kraut counter tries the same

my finger squeezes and i see him drop

the world slows and i nearly stop

the world shatters and i'm miles away

i look down and see the bloody mess

a jerry's blade breaking through my chest

we don't know what this war's about

we drop our lives when the captain shouts

over the wall.

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kj1's picture

Wow. Good poem. A stark view of what it must be like to war.