In the dark I hide,With my wounded pride

An awoken evil, I must suppress,Burning distress


Yeah It’s inside of me, thrashin’ and bashin’ yearning to break out of this bonded passion, burning through my skin, let the chaos begin

Shun by you, inside it grew

This monstrosity, fuelled by … society


In the dark of night, a cold wind blows,

My life’s my life, no matter where it goes

As the rain falls, the anger calls…


It’s a wearin’ and tearin’ at my broken soul

Burning away all my self control

Bright as the light shining in the day,

I only have one thing left to say:

stay away

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daniel!!!!!! heathers a fag dont listen to her, but i love her anyways...i like your lyrics...i would love to hear you singing them though...ttyl babe ;)

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nice one daniel their all really good who are the other ones about ?