How the World Sees Me

The world sees me as a quiet student,

Maybe even a little shy.

Someone that is always prudent,

But may even tell a lie.


The world sees an owl,

Someone who does not overwhelm.

Rarely on the prowl,

As if a soul from hades realm.


How i really am is quite different,

I’m much more irrational,

As ill tempered as the sea,

I’m not so stational.


I'm an apple tree,

Rough bark on the outside,

But my nature is more pleasant,

Like the fruit that it bears.


The world sees me with lines,

That always go straight,

But it's really more like fire,

That dances with the wind.


I prefer to be left alone,

So I walk solitary,

Throughout the day,


That is a thousand years too long.

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Kornelia's picture

your poem

Great poem, metaphorical, the apple falls not far from its tree

almost fable like

much enjoyed