Dragon Come, O Dragon Stay

Dragon come, O dragon stay.

To breathe misery throughout my day?

Leath'ry wings beat an angry torrent.

Casting upon me shame and torment.

Reminding myself of what I could be,

Yet blocking travel and foresight to see.

Fed from the lambs of inner dark turmoil.

Feasting, he lies on my path in a scaly coil. 

Smiling a fanged smile I so despise,

A human character beneath that serpentine guise. 

As if to say, "You shall not pass!"

Forever am I caught in the sands of his hourglass. 


Revolution is at hand my fellow foul beast.

For I have become greater than you to say the least. 

Block my progress? Nay, I think not!

I'll have your guts for garters you dwindling snot!

Your scales for mail, your teeth for spears!

I'll have your flesh on my plate for years and years!

Your hide will be great and grant quite a show,

Donned as a cape against the rain and snow.

Begone, with your ramblings and traitorous wile!

My feet on my path I'll trek with a smile.


Hands raised to the heavens, boots stamping on the hells.

Parading to the reverberating of victory bells. 

Sword in hand and shield on my arm,

To this grand creature I'll bring such great harm!

Begone, foul beast! Move your ass!

This is no time for courtesies nor class. 

For adventure must be had and my mettle assayed,

I must quickly be on with this quest so delayed. 

Step you aside, horned devil of mine.

Clear from my way for now is the time!

Tally Ho! Tally Ho! Off we must go,

Unto the event horizon, Yo Ho!


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