Pinch Me


You stopped that invasion of salt water down my cheeks,

Soaking into my pores.

I thought it was inevitable that it would drown out my hope.

But your kisses were the dam I needed

To contain and evaporate the tears from my eyelids of insomnia.

He made me cry, and you wiped the tears away.

Your hands, rough in texture, but gentle to touch,

Caved in my heart,

When I thought it would never fall again for your charm.

Your countenance has changed

To the point it is almost irrecognizable.

The rough and rude edges have been erased,

And replaced with tenderness.

You gripped me with your sky eyes once more.

I want to crawl inside your heart and lock myself in.

Is it real?

Pinch me,


My dreams resemble this too closely for comfort.

Better yet,

Kiss me.

That's more convincing anyway.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

very sweet and professionally done this poem... sure I am not wrong if I say you are good poet with new subjects to express... hope you will like my expression of love based peace thoughts too