I desperately look for you…I see you!

My blood turns to liquid nitrogen.

Am I afraid of how much you excite me?

Would I take you for granted if you were always here?

You wear colors…

Blue, Orange, Blood Red, Yellow.

Always beautiful.

Most when adorned in the color of Purity.

So, so bright…you see right through me!

Because of you I am sinfully selfish.

Shine for only me!

You are here now, but my guard is never down.

Your imminent departure I dread.

Must you leave again?

It is so dark without you!

I attempt to capture your beauty through a lens.

It is futile! You are elusive, surreal, not tangible!

You mock me.

Saying your goodbye a sliver at a time.

Just Go!

I look at the heavens I shout…

I’ll see you when I see you! 

Who am I fooling?

We both know I will eagerly await your return.

AGAIN you will steal my breath away!

So long Mi Bella…Luna

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alwalclif's picture

your poem captures and pulls

your poem captures and pulls you into your reality...good work


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Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your insight!