eBook (Draft)

What words shall I cry
For sweet freedom to ring?

All our days and nights spent
In the wears of our suffering

No thought
Know deed
No cross
Could we to bare
For mercy's sake

Pouring eternally
Everlasting and pure
Over broken vessels

Return to paradise
Those who live
Those who sleep
One with Your Love Master

Many rooms in Your home
You have prepared
Many hearts Your love fulfilled

Ungracious and gracious
Alone and tied to the world
On the Cross
Christ carried all the darkness of the cosmos

Enter in through the narrow gate
By becoming smaller
That is the hidden secret
In the leaves, in the trees
In the still water, birds, and wheat fields

His love makes us children
Tinier than dust
All in all
All in all

Meekness and love
Unending tears wiped asunder
True beauty revealed
Mirrors ourselves we will judge

The horror we see
The Father will heal
The lower the fall
The higher His mercies

Do not call God just
For if He was
The end would be not
For from the beginning of the ages
His mercy, love, compassion, will, and Son
Saved us all

Glory be to God
O'Father please
The wounds will not heal
Without your tender mercy
Do you want to be well?

Please deliver
All who have sought
All who have naught
All who are good
All who are dark

Shower the cosmos
With eternal light
Beaming as One
Wrapping your unending arms
Around us all

Mercy, believe
Mercy, believe

Who made paradise
Forever more
Give us the living water
For we all thirst
From last to first

All invited to the glorious banquet
All invited to be children
Heirs, unworthy
To be called sons and daughters
Of the most high

Mercy on us all
Have mercy on us all
Peace send into our hearts
From great to small

We destroy
We do not know
We live
We do not know
Forgive ignorance

Merciful and tender
Waiting for your children to return
Your love ever binding and pure

Cleanse and keep us
The Son our Sheppard
The Word in the wind
Carrying us
To Your loving end

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Very long, very good work! I enjoyed this infact,

Needed this thank you HugSS. :)

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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