"Sea Notes"

Invite you in

Rooms lie

In my bed

Empty your worries

Empty the fears

From your pretty head

Take your mind off

Lay covers


Slowly I reach

For your lips

Slowly I crawl

On the ground

I smell

Sweet aromas

Feeling silk

Sinking in

My heart races

With excitement

My soul

Begins to spin

Making a first move

But we both made it

A long time ago

I press my starved lips

Against your tender neck

I kiss, kiss madly


Uncontrolled passion

My tongue tasting your

Pure essence

As I work across

A wondrous landscape

To your chest

Your lips

Your hands and feet

Your legs

And the wonders in between

Sweat builds

Elsewhere is nowhere now

Lock ourselves away


One another

Exchanging energies

Until two sunsets

Set themselves

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