"It's Come To This"

So it's come to this

Daily sacrificed, broken offerings

Crucified for one more

Meaningless breath

Burnt confusions

Confess obvious concern

This is, what it is


Stranded by cultured, silver sands

Judging truth

Worth by empirical weights

Juries unanimously

Eying to

Hang us without defense

So it’s come to this

Everything I am

Nothing of any value it meant

Sentenced to vain

Courts of damnation

Skin tight

Prison cells

Wrapped walls

Unassailable fortresses

Of calm distress

So it’s come to this

Less than nothing

Spared by obligatory sense

Only to

See hope fade into pretense

All the more

A sacred dance

A billion pairs

Singling out

Two by two

The hate you made me have

For myself

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