"All The While The Devil Wore A Smile"

eBook (Draft)

A word becomes

If seen

Spoken by tongues of arsenic lint

Read aloud by obvious suspects

Pleading false testimonies

On behalf of their guilt


Which inks bled for these parchment stains?

What wood gave itself over to be nailed?


For what we find

We seek

For what we drink

We set milk


But hope eludes us

Through false masks

Our pride giving meaning to

Even the mites of mites

Setting chain reactions into

The inevitable path of chaos


And as this game unfolded

Pawns became a crowd

Which became a mob

Seeking justice for mercy's sake

And all the while this took place

The devil sat back

And wore a vogue smile

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Afzal Shauq's picture

it's a very good poem with realistic approach ...love when some one present the truth as you do in poetic way... well done friend... you didnt say any thing on birthday...hope you wish few words in poem form as gift of birthday as other friends do...