Pour it on

I'll need the usual

Not too late

I hate being by myself

When you're not true

I think too much

My mind is a sponge

There is no truth

To these rumors

I'm straight

Welcome to the break

This stuff in reality

It made everything here

So perfect and free

I took a noble serum

Hit a little farther

I think like a father

My father

Was a martyr

He didn't even try

Don't need to make sure

I woke up in time

For the evening flowers

And the warmed blessings

Hard to make excuses

Hard to make excuses

Hands off

I'm making my test

Passed and failed

Both circles full

Within reach

Ten times I said

Over and over

The days bread

The days bread

Is so wet

No one knows

No one's rose

Might be great

Might be gay

So much for

Vital things

The falls are flowing

Everybody's making servants

Out of all of us

And our hands

There's no way to joy

I'll turn away

And melt into confusion

By the ways

Of a butterfly

Float today

Float today

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