"Jack Of Spades"

Can't take this frustration anymore

What the fuck can I do???

You can't blame me for not trying

Not giving probability a chance

The time for tired cliches is gone

I feel so fucking invisible

Only good to the world at 3AM

The 11th hour of all last resorts

Holding a street sign leading to better things

You are a great person but only in satin words

From the lips of legions and never in their deeds

Great but never good enough

Never right for whatever it is

You can't divide a zero by anything

One can only be if there are two

An easy yoke

Is my dream

Uncomfortable in skins of cell walls

Chained to the cards I dealt

Scratching within to dig out

Too far in my shame

Moving my mouth as a mediation

A kind way of pulling the black curtain down

To hide the truth away

The Jack of Spades

Concealing the King of Hearts in his hand

Swords through destined fates

Cutting out strings too strung out

One eye on the past

One on things to never come

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