"Envy Kills"

eBook (Draft)

Have you ever wanted someone's else something

So bad you'd steal it?

Well at least in your mind

In the still of the night

So as no one could see


Have you ever wanted it so bad?

A car, a home

A wife, a job

That you'd wish evil on whomever had it

Because you live without


And when they tragically lose theirs

You'd smile a bit inside as

Envy will have killed once again

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gwennalockafer's picture

this is very good on the perspective of someone that is miserable and wants to bring everyone down with them. I know exactly what you are writing about because there are people in my life that are that way.

Jenny Handlos

Qiona Redfield's picture

ohh... i really like this poem!! short and to the point! you are a great writer!!!