The Thoughts That Kill Me


Why do these thoughts
Hurt me so much
Why am I afraid
Why are these thoughts
So difficult

Why am i afraid
To end up alone
Why am I afraid
To never find "the one"

Why do I fear
To never be married
To have a home
And children of my own

So long have these thoughts
Plagued me
So long have they ruined
My relationships
So long am i fearful

People tell me
I shouldn't think this way
I should not worry about
These things
Not for a few years

How do i escape from them
How do i remove my thoughts
How do I relax my mind
How do I solve my fear

For a bit I thought
They went away
I thought that I was free
and now they are back
and now I wonder
What is wrong with me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wish I could figure this out.

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Meditate... consistently. You

Meditate... consistently. You will quiet your mind and see clearly the answers.

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