The Second tim`e around


You'd figure i'd know better

than to rush myself around

trying to be with you

when i feel my heart pound

I tell you that I love you

You say you understand and then

my heart gets ripped out

and thrown into the sand

I Do want to be your friend

I do want to be your girl

I want to be the one you look to

the one you hold so tight

Please forgive my yelling

please forgrive my crying

I want us to be friends

but you know how i truly feel

I look for the long term

you are for the short

and yet i feel amazing

when i'm in bed wearing your shirt

Please think of these next few things

and please get back to mei do wish

i could read your mind

and by asking not be so embarrassed

1. I know you don't want to get my hopes up but do you love me? and do you think you may want to be with me?

2. You already know pretty much all there is to know about me is there anything else?

3. How long will it take you to decide so i'm not waiting around forever to die?

4. Did you really ever really love me or was that just because i said it to you first? what about you saying you felt the same way? obviously not.

5. If I have to get over some of my mental and whatever issues what about your issue that your having now of needing to be friends first? why can't that be gotten over?

6. If any of the questions got you pissed off I"M SORRY.......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

God is Sadistic....

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