Forever Yours

Love? Answers?

My heart beats


At everything you do and say

Beating, For you

Pain is just another feeling

Another thing that brings me to you

The one thing I can't have

The one thing I want

Love was just a cover up for you

I gave you all I had

I gave you what meant the most

You are no longer what you were

Things will never be the same again

You say you'll leave

She will too

Its happened all before

I pour my soul out to you

I'm hit with a slap accross the face

The pain lingers

It has lingered

It won't end

I'm going off the edge

Nothing I can do but wait

See how things go

I was the only one to love you

At least the way I did

The only one you have claimed who did

I can only sit and wait

You will realize...

That its all true

Me being the only one

Until then I sit and wait

I will sit and wait patiently

Forget all this has happened

You'll forget in time

Thats how it will be

We will sit and see

See what happens

I can only hope you will realize

I am the one to love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is I guess a clear indication of how I feel about someone/something....I hope it could get through to them....-Bye

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