The Invisible Girl (Seen by You)

Old Poems

I am the girl that no one see for who I truly am

I wish that i could find someone who really can.

I'm the one you see sitting alone in side an empty room.

I seem to not want to be disturbed.

Except I already am.

The harshness of peoples words do all this to me.

All I really want is for someone to save me

It’s a killer of my dreams

Abandoned by everyone

I think to even abandon myself into a stream of dreams and sorrow

I keep myself out of this stream always for your sake.

I know what you would do

It scares me more

I keep myself from that

Although I want to do what I want

You hold me together by a strand of hope

The hope of tomorrow

And a new day

And I thank you……

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9inety's picture

Good write here.
Actually, sometimes I would prefer to be invisible.

"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot