Perception is reality. 

The world to me 

Is not the world to you. 

Even if your antenna is similar 

We interpret signals differently. 

What if your blue is my red,

Or you dream in colors 

That don’t really exist?

What if you’re blind or deaf? 

Say you take too many mushrooms,

Smoke more DMT than you meant, 

Or drop one drop too much of LSD? 

What if you were blinded by alcohol,

Numbed by an opioid or two, 

Or blunted on a ounce of weed? 

What if you were abused,

Taken for granted, and left behind? 

What if you never knew or felt love,

And your mind space was anger and hate? 

What if you’re not from Earth, 

But a whole nother galaxy,

Or even a parallel universe? 

What if you stumble upon epiphany 

That wasn’t meant for your mind?

What if you’re God

And reality is whatever you wish? 




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Never stop questioning.

Never stop questioning. Thanks for the write 

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We are all God

So let's come together and make this a beautiful dream life with abundance and blessings for all. Good healthy food, clean water, good shelter, love and plenty of laughter. Tears of joy.

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