Puddy to Stone

A ball of puddy sat crackling
in the sun, at a peak afternoon
hour in which it could not find cover
or shelter from the burning star.
It attempted to coil into a ball
but was unable to hold the form
for more than a moment, and
it felt shame in its struggle.
It puddled flat to dry soil and
could only sputter to itself
as its thick and slick exterior
was turned into a viscous goo.
But a sudden resolve would find
its way to the substance at hand,
delivering a reason to continue
and a reason to harden to stone.
So the puddy curled and fought
to remain upright, spherical and
all the while, it hurt and began
to crumble and fall into disuse.
But when the sun did set and
the determination had settled,
the puddy found itself solid and
able to roll towards the shade.

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