Highway Black

Moon lit and post responsive

Always knowing the approaching point

But listening intently all the same

Patient, and loving in causality

With years between our palms

We offer one another every center reason

We liken our signals and rhymes of discourse

Employing a sarcastic sense of infinite

You assure me I'll succeed and I return the pledge

I will fight to be rid of your magnitude

If you remind me that I once enveloped you

And convince me that I'm something worth remembering

Unions that will never occur beyond a mind

Those spoken with the air of a single question

Desperate for an answer, but also frightened

It still resonates underneath the highway black

And beyond it still she shapes my wonder

Causing me to question if I need to try

Quiet is the sad or longing

Barely beyond a whisper and retreating slow

It will dissipate when you're robbed of your throne.

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