Mind the Garden

Spice of life elixir wild

Remove the bits of sweet or mild

And ring in new and fresh and true

Colors rise from sad to skew

Which is to say they are improved

Just as rings around the moon

To see outside in freezing cold

Taking photos and getting old

Indulgence leads to satin shines

Comforting our ways and whines

Little said but nothing needed

Passion pit our hearts exceeded

Will we drop our new found cure

The one we let control our world

Or will we balance and sort it out

Beyond a near and shadowed doubt?

Say it all for our temptation

Relax yourself and your fixation

For it's lack of harm lest the distance

That we keep between at your insistence

Believe in green and green will grow

For us to live and learn and know

And we will smoke and do it right

Until the boredom fries our minds.

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