A View of the Calm

The sensible wavers and covers and culls

Distinct disregarding the chaos infernal

Whirling about me upon my land o' the rich

The proper and fortunate accompany switch

None is eternal but it's temporary truth

This that is something I can't get used to

The striding plain crosser I will observe

But slow I gain insight to his and my worth

I perch without movement or smoke or resolve

Wary to scuttle or risk the sweet calm

Maybe it's stable or cracking to spill

Questions I'll mutter while keeping my still

Today I'm the realist who hordes all his strength

Tomorrow the optimist may voice his distaste

But save all those troubles for rumble and roll

Before all ignition will take its fair toll

The stone rack and riots simply must wait

For I plan to indulge in the quiet today.

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