When One Must Choose Shadows

She stands atop her silver shrine

That she fought like hell to make

And basks in light that can define

The forms she's bound to take

And she draws me close with driest wit

To take from me my ache

But we're set apart by prior strand

That forces us to stray

She keeps me bound to the ground below

And decimates my calm

But she makes me laugh, riles me up

She's leading me along

Her lilting glow draws me close

And begs for me to stay

But it's just a sign of the worlds apart

It's driving me away

I cannot give to permanence

Submitting to my hurt

Jealous spite will cloud my mind

Unless I move from her

For years 'til now we've fallen fast

Our chance has faded by

Once apart, we'll accept it then

And learn to laugh so wise

Her softest side has moved on swift

Mine can't say the same

But I'll be gone in two weeks time

And I am set on change

Finales set and cast in stone

I intend for love to die

By what means I've no idea

But I know it's time to try.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some times love doesn't justify anything.

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