109 Prose: The Flaw in the Petifore

Have any of you ever had a petifore? I'm pretty sure that's how the word is spelled.

They're these interesting little pastries that can basically be considered cake cupcakes. They often take the place of more grandiose pastries, such as wedding cakes, and they're quite delicious. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just think of it this way: If cakes were somehow transformed into a hard candy but still maintained its fluffy inner texture, you would have a petifore. I still am not entirely sure that I'm spelling that correctly.

They were served at my cousin's wedding a little over a year ago, and my Mother also brought some home today from my sister's baby shower. I had forgotten that they even existed, but enjoyed them all the same. They even come in those odd outer wrappings that plague the innocent little cupcake.

This is where the flaws begin.

I recall this same issue from my cousin's wedding: the icing on the petifore will always stick to the paper, therefore tearing the dessert to bits when you try to remove its personal prison cell. Not only that, but salvaging the bits of edible matter from the inside of the wrapper is all but impossible, and can be incredibly frustrating as it often takes with it a good portion of your petifore.


Personally, I prefer cake to petifore(s) as cake signals celebration, while a petifore is almost like a mild euphemism. They taste great, true, but not as good as a wedding cake that is so pumped full of sugar that it could effectively be considered toxic waste. While I have become much more concerned about my health, I don't see why people feel the need to absolutely butcher their diets in order to lose weight or maintain some kind of image. I don't think really think that petifores were the product of such beliefs, but they'll most likely become a part of that sort of paradigm.

I'm just ranting now. I do not apologize.

Can you press a handful of petifores into your new spouse's face at your wedding reception? Well, I guess you could, but it would honestly be kind of painful instead of humorous and messy. The icing is more like a thick and mighty glaze than anything else.


Not really a flaw, just something I've thought about more than once in my life.

I'm a really weird guy.

Can this even be considered a prose?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have no idea if it could.

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