Boot Chick

Family of the canal, somewhere in the past

She was something sexy that he intended to enjoy

They fell before long, and all was good

She was of the boot in the yesterday

A handful or two, she was all to him

She was all to himself

And she's all gone by the four of four

Thinking kind, he misses her a bit

His appetite surprises him

But it wanes away, leaving

Little is left of the old vent tree

The second stock, smooth designs

He's come strolling with a crooked perspective

All on the spot, all on the line

He'll bet you a hundred of these

Speeding just to get back to everything

He's something like an island man

And he kind of misses his boot chick

She's got a smile and she's out on the water

She deserves nothing less

He hands her a smile and asks her of her luck

She responds with a nervous repetition

He once had eyes for her and only her

The boot chick from three years back

But she's found her way to a newer stretch

And he sends her all of his better karma.

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