The Click

We are living generators

With every running current

Who tend to over-simplify

While we ruin all around

This is a choice

This is our freedom

Beyond our need for complex

Our hands may interlock

Should we reach for more

And if we are persistent

We, the people, may succeed

In bringing out our dire needs

Skins that shield our softer selves

May cause friction through touch

To warm each other against the cold

In the back of a gripped machine

Protect our eyes from a bit of light

Begging to be lead by hand

I take your fingers, you take mine

We discuss the night 'til the end of time

You find me odd and casual still

Difference breeds a spot of lust

But I am charmed by your free will

I find you break me down so easy

The lonesome cries of you and I

Maybe they could blend together

Wash away the loosened dust

Pray for something that much better

I worry I'll delay your passage

Or stall you to a tragic halt

You know of me and my lack of sky

The way I'm tethered to the tracks

But I cannot deny myself

I love this space behind my eyes

The way of worlds is just not mine

So why should I accept its fault?

I speak the purest way I know

Delivered so just at your feet

I hope that you'll see through my smoke

And convince me that I'm incomplete

My head has swelled with sweet warm air

That lifts me off the ground

And if you can just pull me down

I hope that you'd be gentle

Let me go and move along

Tell me I'm not worth your time

It all makes sense to a boy gone wrong

As long as it makes sense to you.

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