Proclaimation of the Flaw

Within my mechanics is a heart of gore

Twitching in sync with the world at large

It is seen through a flaw, that gapes wide and full

A crack that I cannot control

It was created of another will

And so she chose to influence me

To damage me in retaliation, for my carelessness

As a reminder that she owned me, for a time

Pins between the two us that served to part the ways

Creating distance and mistrust

And leading to our eventual climax

With all I have and all I own

I fill the gap that succumbs to the breeze

But I absorb it, consume it and digest it for decades

Letting it go with a sigh

My heartbeats still reveal my presence

As the wasps build nests in my empty chasms

And I'll cough with every sting

Accepting that I am damaged goods.

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