Mandatory Island

Eyes of salt and tropic flash

Watch the seas and changes pass

Ships horizon may delay their float

But they'll carry on with curve in tote

The watered life may amuse him so

Leaving dry by jaws below

His tethered self will grind down slow

For a thousand years he's all he'll know

Companions squawk and leave a stain

Be shaken off in his disdain

He'll laugh a bit and call them a pain

He'll answer loud when they call out his name

Greens and blues obeying the moon

Lacking the know between the night and the noon

Swimming in warmth with paradise lost

Curious thoughts of plain and of frost

Every other mass has been swallowed by sea

Leaving him lonely but contentedly free

He'll curse his barometer and swear his remorse

But continue his descent slowly off course.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may add more to this later.

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