I'm above my physical disappearance

Departure from baggy eyes and bad attitude

I feel a little weaker these few last days

Every time I drag my feet further along

Carpet fiber feels a little different

When you hadn't intented to be on the ground

I'm getting kind of concerned

It's a rather special feeling

I'm still a little indifferent to your cause

But maybe it's because I haven't found one of my own

I shouldn't be so weary at this early hour

And I've awakened in a cold sweat with my pants down

I'm too tired to question it

Even after being unconscious for twelve hours or more

Winding eternal while struggling to be creative

I've seen so many wandering people at a blurred glance

And while everything's remained irritably still

It feels as if the room's shifted while I stay the same

Maybe that's the formula I was meant to be a part of

As my purpose seems to be to interact or to interrupt

I haven't received any individual treatment

Because everyone seems to be one collective mental disease

Even if I did manage to find the cure or the solution

I'd probably break the bottle in which it was contained

And I'll just assume

That this is how it was meant to be.

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