WHOA and a gasp as the Chuck hits that crack in the walk . . ..

twist and turn fly downward and forward, onward, skyward

manifest this vertigo you did id you did it, you did  like

a libido bean in my chili, fuckin burnin me up. .... pass me that Jarito

in time wandering unto the concrete, pulling rebar out like Arthur

above the head and down with a wet smack

knock and it is hollow, my friend, I got yellow all over

damn these endless nights repeating the same thing over and over when you know it's not working not working can't stop feels good and bad at the same time and next time will be better next time will be different next time please hold my hair and throw your pcoat on that puddle for me i can't see and even though i really don't mean it you have no idea what i think and i want you even though i really don't

outside now. . .breathe!  aaaaaaaa  it's clean and it will purge these sinister fumes

on top gravel, underneath, fuckin bedrock, like Gibraltar

so small, so graceful, how?

i tear down and rebuild without even trying, many times, many ways, my psyche has grown accustomed to my incessant probings

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