Broadway Book AND Video. . . . Plus the Homeless

dreamhaven, wherever that came from

somewhere tonight, bloomin into the next dehydrated 20 heads

dramamine dreams of a stairwell with stains

optional. .  .... . . track

intro to what objects look like, if you've never noticed

we must teach you since you must me naive

use it, consume it, mix and match with a business mind

and you will do this forever. . . . .

not me, surround me with flesh and stench,

untouchables needing contact and

only finding it through vision and

themselves. . ....ah sad

for them, never me!

I am nitrogen and I will take it all,

and though you flash your tempting cleavage at me and have a limo

I cannot join you, and share my gifts . . . ..

regret. . . . ........... consummation


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