Attacking the Bones

scurvy curvy bodega as a syphylitic skeleton

i watch the peach Yorkshire curve the eyeshadow of Rasputin.

Peace be with you as you go for 35 hours.

Murmur fantastic that lion's mane hanging from your apple.

Window chimes in an invisible box cook with a simmering blue heat, far too peppy for my company.

True you intrude on my dream state, moving in with my sister and Oliver.

Driving a trailer full of my belongings into the warehouse where I worked in Plymouth, leaving it there, only to freak out with the realization that I need it all back, yet I've been fired. ..

What to do now, my knee bounces against your fleshy shoulder blade, I will rest content with memories such as this

Far better than the ache in my ego,

the yellow bruise. ...

The realization of my complete soul,

Knowing not what that is,

Deciding unwaveringly to not explore the meaning, simply. ... ..

Being, whatever whoever, here

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