Problems All Around Me - Here's My Reply


It’s gripping me with unforgiving claustrophobia

This giant hand is black and ugly with crevices

When things seem to shine, I listen to others

“Why does this have to happen to me?”

“What should I do?”

“I don’t know what’s happening to me.”

“I need to get laid.”

Etcetera cannot begin to describe

I’m brought down with them

I’m reminded of things that have plagued me

Things that I’ve managed to overpower, but not destroy

Here is the solution!

Listen to me, Dill Pickle

The wine will taste sweeter

The awkward moments will be justified

Confusion of flesh can cause mental leprosy

You slowly deteriorate with the acid of your orange soda

The game of world conquest can teach you a lesson

Open up and let the ancient gases loose

You are not that frightening

Whether you will be surprised by the outcome or not, it should be good.

Listen to me, Horny Toad

I will be like an iron block with no sharp corners –

Find a new way and go

Sever the 10-hour chain attached to your ankle and mind

You are stifled from gaining local connections

I’m not a monster, I’m just concerned

Once freed-up, you could find an expert bricklayer

He can spread the mortar thick and messy

It would be great

He could erect buildings for you whenever you wanted.

Listen to me, Glitter Girl

Your entrapments are more complex

I’ve figured it out, though

Your prison is built by yourself

You’ve said “I’m not bothered by this teddy bear concern anymore”

Your conclusion is bitter, however

I know you will still hold it dear

When images blast forth with no regard

As they often do.

Provoking the ducts to fill like blisters

Don’t be afraid to bring out the needle. . .

Forget this trifle, it’s causing bad grades

It causes sadness within me

Feelings I try to suppress are like raw nerves

When you tell me your worries, you gouge my open wound with a poker

Red and sharp and twisting inside

Like a crude act of coitus, this old situation fucks my tender emotions

Their virginity is torn away like a sopping wet curtain from a wide-open window


I am ready for happiness

You deserve a taste, too. . . .

In my own windowless corner, this seems to me

To be the way things should be

Listen to me or not, but remember –

My thoughts and senses are linked to all of yours

When things are not right with you, I’m hit hard.

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