Company Poet


Inspiration comes to me from a source currently unreachable.

Motivation comes like a generic song on the radio.

I do not want to listen to static, but that’s all you provide.

Clarity in the English language?

The mind flows with alteration.

Why do we like things like this?

A special relief is felt upon leaving the body.

Words become more interesting

At the precise level, that is.

Trance is brought on in certain cases, let me tell you, hee hee.

Don’t fear, the cockroach will be here again.

You’re too self-involved – let someone take care of you.

I’m the maid, the custodian, the eternal caretaker.

Maybe I don’t know, but right now correctness is present.

Playfulness must arrive at the nest of 1,000 bunnies.

Glitter will rain from the quote/unquote “Heavens”

It will stick to me like bad taste in clothing – also a factor.

Unclear is the way I see when plans to cut the stencil are made.

Art must occur – it is revealing and cleansing.

A reading must be held – long anticipated.

One condition – three is always a crowd

I write words for company.

An important staff meeting has been scheduled for the unknown.

Maybe the Day of the Dead will reveal images and thoughts.

The wall will be torn down.

Grab a chisel, I’ve got a hammer.

I feel so persuasive – big brown eyes are supposed to sway

I don’t know about that, Sir, but I follow orders without question.

“Good. . . .”

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