I'm Thinking About What Would Happen if I Wasn't Alone


There’s curling in my ears

When things are caught and no longer run with ease.

That’s what I said when she looked at me

With a look that scrambles eggs.

Veganism can’t stop it.

How can you stop moaning idiots in the dark

When your eyes burn and water

With the blink that separates eternal

Phone calls when it’s not too late yet.

“You’re doin’ something, pal, I’m telling you.”

With the help of the flesh molds,

We can really see some results.

That’s why you should use gouache when you create,

Nice effects go a long way when you don’t know.

Rattling on the outside of doorways can disappear

When you notice it might be dangerous.

“What’s out there?” says the lantern boy.

“Why don’t you find out. . . ?”

A man in black in a city of candles

The flame is icy when your eye attracts.

A piece of glitter or star is embedded

In the side of the mound

Of fluffiness without any milk.

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