As I Stepped off the Curb


The man is overlapping quite nicely with my shiny new countertop.

Once this building no longer exists, I’ll be able to sell my life

For a neo-carrier like you who can keep it in possession

Until something big happens to you, completing the cycle.

A journey of self-involvement that clarifies the crab situation.

Today I had lunch with an effervescent centipede.

I had to fight hungrily to keep it from eating my cranberry pie.

Afterwards, we left and we ended up in a grungy hotel.

It was the kind of place you go to when you have to wear

Old clothes because you can’t stand to maintain.

At this hotel, the centipede tried to get into my pants.

He was venomously salivating over my fine young flesh.

I look at myself in the mirror and examine my form.

I shudder when the light hit the white surface of my shoulder.

I had to escape the insect – that’s just the way it is.

When you sit and have a conversation with a cancer in a café

It’s time to rethink values and priorities.

You can associate with no one.

Your job is useless; you find you have no more possessions.

Somehow, you discover that you’ve sold them all at markets,

Hidden in the deep underground.

Under the very streets we walk with our briefcases and

Overcoats with haste and capitalistic illusions.

The water drips and lands on the sweaty brow of a proprietor.

The grime coating is cut with the substance.

In the end, however, it only creates a new site for more filth to collect.

It grows with sprawling spurts, ejaculating over

The whore that is Mother Earth.

Made out to be some sort of god, in the end, only a used

And discarded concubine for mankind’s eternal greed.

It will grow until her loins are sucked dry and infertile.

Until there’s no more room to shoot sperm into that hole.

It needs to end, as I’m afraid that I will see it happen in my lifetime.

The man outside will get you.  I can tell in his footsteps.

Hear the way the dead leaves cringe at his countenance.

If you can understand, you must take action and look.

Once he enters the stairwell, things might get confusing.

Fear will overtake all rational thought,

Then it will be impossible to escape.

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