Gold Miner in France


Get rid of that girl right now, Girlie.

You should be with me.

Right now I’m feeling like I could take you and make it feel like

Cherry blossoms bursting on a cool summer night.

This thing that you seek so vehemently,

Soon will reject you coldly like an iguana to guacamole.

A connection will be made, possibly even sexual.

Cunts will be eaten out respectively, giving you only

Surface pleasure.

She will go, however.  Either you will find it’s not you,

Or she will find another.

To me, you will crawl, like a whore to a pimp after

A failed attempt at independence.

Right now I feel like my cock could be a great thing for you.

A connection between you and I would be immense.

The volcanic orgasms produced would wake deceased bunnies.

But maybe body odor will draw me and you will be forgotten.

I’m already trying to forget.

Maybe idiotic comments and cow drawings will appeal to me

And I will say to you, in the event that you come to me,

“Sorry, I have other prospects.”

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