The German Tennis Star!


Fuzzy rubber shoes traipse with the ease provided by

Friction, which lives underneath the stairs.

Ask him to come out.  Bring on the bratwurst.

No, I beg to differ with you, good sir.

Just because this being feeds on the meeting

Between this German athlete and gravity,

You mean to tell me that he has a taste for

Products of Rhinelandia?

Even that it is of German descent itself?

There can only be One!  It must not be categorized as a certain

Color, type, flavor, because this is a disgrace!

By doing so, you lower it to our lever,

The common, general forms of matter.

This being is a law of Physics.

Therefore, it deserves out most heartfelt respect

As a form of higher sophistication than ourselves.

It can have no nationality, and one nationality

Should not deserve the honor of being associated

With a law of nature.

That tennis fool would feel elevated at being named

Along side this special being, when he should not delude himself,

And admit that he is scum like the rest of us.

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