Red Hair


I suddenly find a young girl

Sitting nearby in silence.

Nervously I study

To know her thoughts.

Youthful eyes, bright with naïve wonder

As her eyebrows dance playfully.

Fixated in her gaze,

I cannot look away.

Oh, I am staring

And my eyes avert.

The girl’s presence, I have seen none greater.


She looks away,

Straight ahead,

Glazed eyes, mesmerized.

Has not slept for days.

Without sleep, she stares.

That hair!  It is bright red,

Brilliant and shocking.

The color of blood on a vampire’s lip.

A familiar shade of red,

I know it like an old friend.

With such curiosity at hand,

Worry cannot torment

Strong and captivating though this soul shines through

With clean contrast, something is squeezing,

Hanging low on the thin shoulders.


I can see insecurity.

People laughing?


My head trembles.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The first poem I ever wrote, back in '99.  The only poem I've ever really tried to revise.

For Cherie

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