Surf Music and Observations


The dark flashes with crazy light –

It burns them repeatedly.

The bouncing of upholstery is drilling

Into my head with eyeglasses falling.

Pen mark on a white t-shirt,

With yellow stains at the armpits.

What has happened here?

I wonder as I stare at the Christmas lights

That do not shine.

Not tonight, my dove.

My kitty cat meowing impulsively,

When things get strange and not understood.

The sound creeps out, sometimes unnoticed –

I always notice.

“What is this?” I ask.

I like it, because I like kats.

They are very feminine

And innocent,

And they are affected tremendously by

Outside distractions.

Don’t think about them.

Yes, I know that I let them bother me, as well,

But it is not good to think like that.

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